Items ship out within 1-2 days depending on weather, holidays and weekends. It usually takes on average 3-5 days to receive item & most of my items are shipped 1st class or priority. Most of our items arrive in 3 days on average for all US customers. International shipping requiries an email request for shipping quote & delivery time will vary. I welcome all international buyers.
In most cases, a shipping discount will be honored whenever possible. Items will be combined & sent in one package. Packages will always be mailed to buyer's address listed on credit card unless otherwise stated by buyer. Most items will ship out 1st class or Priority with an assumed shipping time of 3-4 days. If multiple items are purchased, shipping may be upgraded to Priority or USPS. We are now able to offer FREE SHIPPING on Most Items!!
lisa.woodard09@comcast.net Emails are always answered within 12 hours.
Just let us know what the problem is by emailing us, and we will work to either exchange item or refund full price. If there is a problem of any kind, I will gladly work with you to either replace item or refund in full depending on situation. I know how frustrating returns can be. It's important to understand that return procedures can sometimes take up to 2 weeks. Detailed emails will keep you informed to the status of your return. Even though we don't base our customer satisfaction on Feedback, no one likes negative feedback. If a problem arises with an order, please email me and we will work to fix the problem. Customer satisfaction is our number one (#1) priority!!!
Items are shipped with Delivery Confirmation (DC) numbers which can be viewed online at any time during the delivery process. I also monitor this DC # to make sure my customers receive their item. You can email us at any time with your concerns. My feedback reflects my authenticity, honesty and professionalism. We welcome you review my feedback before making any purchases. http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=woodard2009&ftab=AllFeedback
NO, you do not loose your money! Most packages are sent out with a DC number. If you haven't received your item in the allotted time and feel it may be lost; Please email us, then contact your local PO to let them know to look for it. If package still can't be located, then either a refund will be issued or a replacement item will be shipped if available. Again, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority & until the sale is final, we are still working for the customer!
You can do one of two things! You can email me to get an estimate of discounted shipping charge with total cost of whole order. Or you can purchase items your interested in and when I process your order, I will automatically apply the shipping discount which will be reflected on your credit card statement. Because I keep shipping cost low, shipping discounts may apply on Multiple Order purchases only!
Ecrater has an automated system that sends reminders to leave Feedback. Although feedback is not required, if you are satisfied with the item, please take the time to let us know as we work hard for our customer's satisfaction. Feedback also lets us know where improvement is needed.
We sure do!! Just email us asking for a price quote before you hit the buy key as our store's shipping rates are only set up for USA & Canada. We LOVE our international customers too!!
Don't throw nothing away!! Not the box or wrapping-nothing. Take pictures if you have a digital camera of the box and the damaged item & email me immediately. Further instructions will be given on how to proceed. You will be offered a choice of a full refund or new item if one's available. Sometimes we will need you to take the item to the Post Office for review of the damage. We just want our customers to be satisfied & will do what it takes. Processing a refund can sometimes take up to two weeks. Detailed emails will be sent informing you of the status of the refund.